Three PS3’s Guy Ups the Ante With Four PS4’s [VIDEO]

Holy shit, he’s back!

The “I have three PS3s” guy has returned with a masterful followup to his original exercise in trolling. “Now he has four PS4’s!” I can’t wait to see what he does in four years when the PS5 comes out …

My favorite comments are not from the people hating on him and calling him a “looser” (sic), but rather from the people who are jealous that he has amassed four Playstation 4s in some capacity. Why are you people jealous? At one point in my life, I had eight Playboy centerfolds all spread out at one time. For a brief moment in time, it was as if I was looking into the face of God. But you know what? I eventually realized that really, I only needed one Playboy. And from that moment on, I have experienced a zen-like feeling of inner tranquility.

Of course, it’s only been about 15 minutes or so, so ask me again in a couple hours.

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