Tobuscus Offers Up The Secrets of A Viral Video… In Song Form [VIDEO]

Not that Toby Turner needs any help from us, but, well, we just thought you’d like to see this hot and catchy new song/video (sodeo?) “Viral Song,” released today. What stymies me is the 280 downvotes the song has (againgst the roughly 33,000 upvotes) — how much thought was put into those downvotes? Was it heavy, measured deliberation or quick troll work? Did people really tune in thinking they would learn something more valuable than the cashew comes from a fruit? Because I can’t think of anything more valuable than that. One day I am going to be on the special “Fake Nuts Edition” on Jeopardy and I already know that is going to be the final answer (well, that or something about Lance Armstrong). Thanks, Toby.

Also, a special shoutout to Kent Nichols for tuning us into Tobuscus’ great video. Kent, you’re NMR’s Contributor of the Day. Actually, we don’t have that … but if we did, ooh Kent, you would have gotten a lovely muffin basket courtesy of our new sponsor, “Muffins By Greg.” Okay, we lied about that too — “Muffins By Greg” declined to sponsor us. Sigh.

Here is more Tobuscus for your, um, noggin-uscus:

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