Video Creators Channel Answers Question About the Legality of Affiliate Links on YouTube [VIDEO]

Okay, here’s a longstanding and somewhat hotly debated topic on YouTube: are affiliate links allowed to be posted? And Tim Schmoyer, host of the Video Creators channel answers with a definitive … maybe. See this isn’t a debate that has a definitive answer such as “Do you eat your bread butter side up or butter side down (down, naturally)” — there are a lot of nuances and even some legalese involved. And while Tim does side with the “go ahead and do it” camp a little more than the alternative, he definitely points out some trapdoors in the process, such as YouTube forbidding you from being able to further monetize your video, or whiny assholes who don’t like affiliate links (or are jealous because they haven’t got any) might report your video as spam or the like.

So go it your own risk, but be sure to tune into the Video Creators channel — there’s some free sound YouTube creator advice being given away over there. And I know you kids like free stuff.

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