Warm Your Heart: The 5 Biggest ‘Christmas Miracle’ Videos on YouTube

Every year around ChristmasNMR gets a little bit nicer. Our hearts grow two sizes, then we put our Santa hats on and go delivering presents to orphans. We mean delivering metaphorical gifts to metaphorical orphans, of course. But you get what we mean, right? We love this time of year and how good it makes everyone feel. That Westjet footage has put us in a sentimental sort of mood, and since we burned you with that orphan thing, please let us make it up to you by having us present the five most heartwarming Christmas miracles on YouTube.

Hopefully, watching these videos inspires you to spread a little good holiday cheer for someone less fortunate?

5. Baby Escapes Getting Run Over During Snowy Car Crash

This child survives not one but two near-death experiences in the frame of a couple seconds.

4. The 1980 ‘Miracle on Ice’

Okay, so this was technically only sort of a Christmas miracle, but so what? It was a shining moment for America and there was some winter elements involved. Plus, I wasn’t feeling too manly with the other entries and this restores a bit of that.

3. Cat Saved From Being Buried In Dried Concrete

If it weren’t for the I care more about people than I do about animals element, I would have this as my absolute number one.

2. A Different Kind of Miracle …

Most of the miracles on this list are in-the-moment events or rescues, but this miracle will make you tear up. A man is surrounded by all the kids he saved from the Nazis. The real miracle is if you don’t tear up.

1. Old Woman Falls To Her Death While Skydiving?

Would we really dare publish an old lady falling to her death from a parachute mishap on a Christmas miracles list? Look, we’ve been pretty kind so far … is this the moment our rotten selves kicks back in? I guess you’ve just got to watch it to find out …


Well, since that all worked out pretty well, maybe you watch some more of our heartwarming stuff … 

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