YouTube, Netflix, Others Now Turning the Tide Against TV in the Battle For Views

TV killed the radio star; now too, TV stars must suffer the same gruesome fate.


As online media becomes more like TV, TV is becoming more like online media. Time Warner Chairman & CEO Jeff Bewkes issued the directive to cable networks: become more like online media or someone else will. Apparently Bewkes and his fellow cable profiteers are feeling the sting as increasing numbers of people turn from expensive cable packages towards relatively cheaper offerings from the likes of YouTube, Hulu and Netflix.

“The next wave will marry content with digital transmission. And the first player to figure it out, wins,” Bewkes told Time Warner investors. The revelation, while not exactly a surprise to early adopters and youth culture, has the Wall Street types up in arms over who exactly will get to plant that flag.


As Barbara Bellafiore, the CEO of Bell Communications Consulting Group told Forbes magazine: “The way the Millenials now watch TV — selecting time, location and device is the future of TV.” Keep up the good work, Millenials, and the institution of paying for high-priced blocks of programming with nothing on will crumble.

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