YouTube Strips Billions of Views From Bieber, Minaj and Others in Apparently Yearly Tradition

Apparently if YouTube gets their way, December will become known for Christmas, Hanukkah and fake view deletions. Revisiting a practice that caused widespread astonishment last year, YouTube has pulled out their digital broom and cleaned house once again in what looks to be a new tradition of sorts. Last year, Universal music and Lady Gaga were two of the big offenders for fake views, losing over a billion views. This year, other Universal artists such as Alicia Keys, Justin Bieber and Nikki Minaj took the hit.

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Not a lot is clear about the exact motivation behind the practice — Universal executives claimed last year it was because of discrepancies between Vevo and YouTube, but this year that excuse doesn’t seem to hold water. It’s speculated that this ties in to some sort of accounting motivation that determines who gets paid and how much they actually make. YouTube’s accountants are likely busy making sure that the bots that spring up to offer fake views aren’t resulting in inflated paydays for the biggest offenders. And to help YouTube’s accountants, there’s even a fantastic Tumblr site devoted to keeping track of bands with fake likes. Appropriately, it’s called Bands With Fake Likes.

Here’s some articles about last year’s house cleaning:

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