5 Tips For Enhancing Your YouTube Views in 2014

A new year means a fresh start and a fresh chance to become a YouTube somebody. With several of the major players stepping out of the game, there are chances for extreme advancement — why not from you?

NMR can’t promise that if you follow these five bold tips you’ll achieve the level of, say, a Philip DeFranco, but damned if you don’t do just a hint better than you already are. Of course, legally speaking, I have to inform you that if you do follow these tips only to get drummed off of YouTube, well, please don’t sue us. Here, majestically, for 2014 are five tips for enhancing your YouTube views.

1. Game the system


An appropriate choice of words considering the recent gaming controversy. It’s clear now that YouTubers can’t utilize the old means of success — monetizing copyrighted content. Content ID sweeps have closed that door for up-and-coming YouTubers who aren’t protected by MCN’s. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the tricks to expand your popularity — it’s the same system used by musicians. Cover the popular stuff to get the audience, keep ‘em with your original content. Sure you won’t make any money off the copyrighted material — be it songs or movie clips, but you can make views and subscribers — and in the long run, those are the true currency of YouTube.

2. Collaborations


Yes, this is an “old world” (pre-2014) method of achieving views, but it is enormously valuable all the same. Facilitate views by working with any and every creator you can — you never know who is going to become an important player in the YouTube game, so you can never afford to be too lofty or busy to turn down anyone. A great idea is crucial, but more important is having an invite to the party.

3. Think Multiculturally


We’ve mentioned before the benefit of offering a spanish language alternative of your channel, but considering that half of the top ten YouTubers are foreign-based channels, it’s important that you tap into the emerging trend of diversification on multiple fronts. YouTube is a global phenomenon — adjust your sights to attract more than just your base demographic.

4. Add girls


Guys are a huge business on YouTube — specifically young, lusty teens and preteens who’ve just learned the fine aspect of the fairer sex. All the comedy greats knew it — so do the singers. An attractive girl can pull in viewers who aren’t necessarily going to stick around for the content otherwise. Really anything can be applied in this construct — add elements to your videos that allow people to connect with you. I just happen to mention girls because they are the best of your assets (provided you know any girls — otherwise armed robots and fart jokes work too).

5. NewMediaRockstars


Have you ever done an interview with us? Daily we are working to promote new artists and performers. We love breaking stories on fresh faces and exciting content creators. At the same time, we can’t be everywhere at once. We’ve got our plate full — but that doesn’t mean we’re too busy for you. Reach out and connect. Tell us about what you are doing differently and why you matter. As much as we try to shoot ourselves in the foot, we’re still an industry publication that attracts looks and attention from the biggest players in the game. We’re still coming back from our lengthy vacation in the Himalayas, but if you’re really good (and why would you be trying if you didn’t think you were), we’ll get to you.

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