‘A Call To My Childhood Rapist Teacher’: Woman Confronts Her Abuser During Emotional YouTube Video

How appropriate that on a day when we show a video of some of the worst that YouTube has to offer, we also cover YouTube at its most powerful: the global soapbox.

This 28-year-old woman, who only refers to herself as “Jamie,” finally came to terms with the fact that she was molested by a female teacher when she was 12 and decided to do something about it — except she learned the statute of limitations on this sort of thing has “run out.”

Legally, the police couldn’t do anything to help Jamie, so she did what she felt was the next best thing: she posted her story — including a live call to her molester — on YouTube.

Her alleged molester, now a vice-principal at a Southern California-area school, for her part, owns what she did during the roughly three minute phone call. Though she doesn’t apologize for her actions, she does admit that she sexually abused the 12-year-old and “regrets it every day.”

It is fascinating to see the wheels turning as a result of this YouTube post. Now in addition to Jamie’s story coming to light, the police have opened a criminal investigation and the vice principal has been suspended from her role pending the investigation.

To think that in any other forum this form of justice might not have yielded such results is heartbreaking. Go YouTube.

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