Ad Blitz Offers The Super Bowl Commercials Early — But Wait, There’s More

Okay, for all of you who can’t wait for Christmas to open your presents, for those of you who read the last page of mystery novels first, meet Ad Blitz. The annual website that spoils SuperBowl commercials early, Ad Blitz is the king of ramping up the views for advertisers in addition to the big game. Here are some stats:

  • In 2013, people watched more than 3.2M hours worth of Super Bowl ads released on YouTube. That’s the equivalent of watching 800,000 Super Bowls broadcasts. Super Bowl commercials were viewed more than 265M times on YouTube in 2013.
  • Game day commercials that were released on YouTube before they aired during the game drove approximately 3.4X more views on average than commercials that were released on game day.
  • And viewership of Super Bowl assets on YouTube continue to grow. Video views of Super Bowl ads released on YouTube in 2013 grew at least 2.6X from 2012.


Clearly, according to those stats, you can see that this site works. In addition to the ads though, advertisers are ramping up their activities:

  • Multi-Screen Toss & Catch Game: Viewers can sync their mobile devices and challenge their friends to a friendly (or not so friendly) game of catch in this multi-player experience.
  • Toss to Vote: YouTube developed an interactive game where viewers can aim and toss a football using their smartphone to cast a vote for their favorite spot.
  • YouTube Animated GIFs: Viewers can create custom GIF animations from their favorite commercial highlights and share across their social network.
  • Hashtag Search: Viewers can search hashtag keywords on Google, making it easier to share Big Game stories with friends.

Now you may or may not be asking: why is YouTube doing this? Game day is the tentpole moment, but advertisers are now approaching it not as a single day but as a strategic campaign. Basically, they know they can get richer off your inability to wait. Congratulations, your impatience has played you right into their clutches.

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