Awesome Son Surprises Diehard Seahawks Fan Mother With Super Bowl Tickets [VIDEO]

There’s so much negativity in the world today (and a lot of it flows from NMR), that every once in a while it is nice to sit back and enjoy a pure and wonderful moment. Mike Harris, the videographer here, surprises his mom — a Seahawks fan of nearly 40 years — with Super Bowl tickets.


He was able to afford them after reading about prices for the game dropping due to cold weather concerns. In typical mom fashion, she immediately needs reassurance about the cost and logistics, but this guy, who is in early contention for son of the year (he probably won’t win against that 8-year-old who died getting his family out of a fire though), has it all figured out. So all that’s left is for this mom to go and enjoy herself with the experience of a lifetime.

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