Brazilian YouTube Channel Canal Nostalgia Safe From Fox, Now Over A Million Subscribers

Good news to our international community of YouTubers — well, really it is great news for all YouTubers everywhere:

Felipe Castanhari, the showrunner of popular Brazilian YouTube channel Canal Nostalgia isn’t going to lose his channel after all! In a major win for the YouTube community and their fans who provided an outpouring of support, Canal Nostalgia gets to stay on the air.

Coupled with aid from other Brazilian channels like Porta dos Fundos and Parafernalha along with help from the staff of YouTube Brazil, Time Warner dropped their strike against the Canal Nostalgia channel.

Additionally, Fox Broadcasting has agreed to drop their two strikes against the channel, but as of today, those two strikes remain. Hopefully, we can all keep the pressure on until Fox keeps up their end of the pledge.

Overall though, it’s back to work for Castanhari who has already released a new video. And in an exciting result of all the support, his channel has now gone over a million subscribers (including me!).

Congratulations Brazilian YouTube community for setting a great example in the spirit of teamwork and sticking together. Hopefully this sends a message to the big corporations that individuals aren’t so individual after all.

And a very special thanks to our Brazilian correspondent João Victor Pinheiro for his work in bringing this story to NMR’s attention.

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