Budweiser Wins Super Bowl Ads This Year – On YouTube At Least [VIDEO]

Cute animals and beer now go together like the Denver Broncos and winning – at least according to YouTube audiences. Almost half of this year’s Super Bowl commercials have already been uploaded to YouTube in order to maximize their reach. And the clear winner? Budweiser. With 24,000,000 views and counting, the beer company has once again trotted out their famous Clydesdales and paired them with an adorable dog in order to melt your ice heart.

Is this an indicator for who truly “wins” the advertising day on the Super Bowl this year (where the ad rate is $4 million for 30 seconds) or will a dark horse emerge from the pack on game day? Can YouTube become the barometer for what works? I guess we’ll find out Monday.

My question is: if Super Bowl ads are doing so well online before the Super Bowl, why don’t companies just make an ad they claim is for the Super Bowl and then only run it online? They could save themselves $4 million that way…

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