Crack-Smoking Mayor Rob Ford Now Drunk(?), Speaking Jamaican in A Fast Food Restaurant [VIDEO]

Is Rob Ford crazy like a fox — or just crazy?

Following up his crack-smoking revelations, Toronto’s mayor has now been filmed under the influence of something in a fast food restaurant. Speaking in the Jamaican patois known as “Bumbaclot,” Ford is jabbering about who knows what like a battered and deep-fried version of Bob Marley.

But does he simply not care anymore — or is he working on a Plan B that involves becoming a media star much like former Cincinnati mayor Jerry Springer (yeah, that one)? Rob Ford has to be a little bit smart, so there’s got to be some wheels turning in his porcine frame that speak to the counterproductive nature of his actions on a political stage. But the frank reality is that someone will likely eat this shit up and give Ford a big-ass check to go be the next anti-Rush Limbaugh on the radio or something.

Kudos for his accent though — when the cameras not on him, I actually believe I’m listening to a Jamaican guy and not a sweaty, moose-loving Canadian.

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