Crikey! Guy Eats Urinal Cake Out of Toilet For £10 [VIDEO]

We’re in such a transitional stage as a society. Right now, stuff like this young British man eating a urinal cake out of a stinky, well-used bathroom trough for £10 seems horribly disgusting to the lot of you (hence its virality). But where we’re headed as a society, well, this is nothing. This man will still be able to run for local magistrate so squeaky clean will this video seem in another few years. It’s the same clause that will liberate people who have nude photos on the internet. Perhaps right now it seems like they’ll have to explain themselves to their kids one day, but the reality is that by the time their kids are old enough to understand, it will no longer be taboo.

In fact, to help this whole movement along, we should all start eating urinal cakes and posting nude photos online. You start.

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