‘Danger: Humans’ is a Funny Warning To Alien Life To Stay The Hell Away From Earth [VIDEO]

Tom Scott’s dryly funny “Danger: Humans” YouTube video which just launched today is a fascinating conundrum of “what ifs.” I am curious how the virality of the video will be affected by Tom’s inherent humanity. In calling humans dangerous and worth avoiding at all costs, he is being funny (one hopes), but he also talks up our great capacity for compassion and kinship. So ultimately it is a love letter with a few droll barbs attached. The what ifs stem from what if this video had been taken more seriously — or less seriously. I want to see this video be funnier and more savage — I want it to misinterpret our actions and intentions — to view humans as an outsider truly would. Or for it to be a sweet breakdown of what makes the human species interesting and worth getting to know. Yes, had it been one of these in actuality, I probably would have wished for it to be more like it is now, but that is why I am showcasing it to you all: I like the hell out of this video and want to see many, many more in a similar vein.

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