Doug ‘Doog’ Bresler Animates Smosh, Others Into His Ultimate Interview Show ‘Video Game Life’ [INTERVIEW]

Doug “Doog” Bresler has a very cool idea for a channel: Do the same interview everyone else is doing with celebrities both mainstream and YouTube-based, except ask really badass video game-inspired questions and then animate the interview into the most interesting version of itself. It’s flat out the niftiest concept for an interview show I never knew existed. It’s called “Video Game Life.” Of course now that I know it does exist, I’m totally tuning in to watch — especially because (sigh, swoon, spoiler alert) the lovely Taryn Southern is slated to be on next.

It seemed an awful travesty to keep this show all to myself, considering Doug has already animated the likes of Smosh and Harland Williams. So I thought the best thing I could do was share Doug’s world with the rest of you and let you delight in it for yourselves. And the best way for you to get to know Doug’s world, is for you to get to know Doug.

With new assorted shorts and videos from his series’ coming out every week, you’d think his hand has reformed itself to be all gimpy and pencil-holding shaped. But he managed to type back good, full answers to all my questions — even though I dropped the ball and forgot to ask him how he got to know — and animate — “Weird” Al Yankovic. I know, I’m not a good nerd. Maybe he will answer in the comments below (cough). Or maybe, more likely, he’s busy animating new DoogToons for us to laugh over? Maybe we should all just be thankful for the little bit about Doug Bresler and “Video Game Life” that we do know? Make sure you read the interview below though so we can all at least be on the same page with our “Doog” knowledge.

Okay, since it is the topic of your show, who would be your hero, first boss and last boss in your video game life?

Doug Bresler: My video game would be shrouded in mystery … from the moment you turn it on, the screen is pitch black, so much so you don’t even know the console is on. You have to press all the right buttons in the right order to win the game, but the right pattern is so complicated that never end up beating the game. Just kidding … it would be like “Pac-Man.”

You’ve nabbed some high profile interviews. How do you choose who will be your guests?

I usually go after personalities that have had some kind of major impact or influence on my life. I’ve been trying not to be so selfish in picking my guests, but animation is such a hellish, tedious process that if I’m I’m going to hear millisecond chunks of somebody’s voice over and over again (literally hundreds of times), it better be someone I find funny, interesting, or even better: fascinating!

How long does it take you to animate each interview and how do you decide the genre/style of the particular episode?

The latest episode with SMOSH took about three weeks to animate. The 8-bit video game art and animation takes a while; you literally have to draw every pixel square for square. As I said before, it’s hellishly tedious, but the finished product is ALWAYS worth it.

Who would be your dream interview to animate and what would you guess they’d say?

My dream interview would be with Jeff Goldblum. He is and always will be my favorite actor (unless he does something really bad, like kill someone or star in an M. Night Shyamalan film). I’d love to hear what his “Video Game Life” would be like … hopefully it would involve Brundlefly, Ian Malcolm or a huge jazz piano.

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