Doug ‘Doog’ Bresler Animates Smosh, Others Into His Ultimate Interview Show ‘Video Game Life’ [INTERVIEW]

How did you come up with “Video Game Life” in the first place?

The idea of “Video Game Life” was a fluke. I had already been doing these animated interviews for a long time, and figured it would make a fun question to ask. I never realized how deep the answers could get. Potentially, each person’s video game is a reflection of the struggles of their daily lives, the evils they have to face and how they can overcome them. Manifesting these things into a fictional video game, however symbolic, can be kind of therapeutic for my guests … or maybe I’m reaching a bit.

What’s the best video game of all time?

Very tough answer. “The Legend of Zelda” series is by far my favorite. Those games make me think happy, nostalgic thoughts.

Any plans to change up the questions or have you dialed it down to the most essential aspects of a video game life?

The show is constantly evolving. I’m hoping to polish and streamline the show even more to make it more shareable. We’ll see where it goes!

Who do we have to look forward to? Or is it a surprise?

I have a bunch of great animated interviews coming up with a bunch of great guests – look for Taryn Southern next!
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