Drama Class Goes On Local News And Absolutely Sucks At Acting [VIDEO]

So this is terrible.

These Providence Rhode Island high school kids from the local drama club have been granted sweet access to a news studio and are given one task: act. Nobody required anything Marlon Brando-level here — they just have to do an impression of being cold. And they all fail. Miserably. Even the teacher. In fact, the one kid who fails worst of all does so by being too humiliated to do anything. He just stands there with a “I’m not doing that shit” smirk on his face. This is exactly the kid who in a few years is going to be posting pictures of himself in a fedora to his social media accounts and blaming girls for “wanting to marry a superhero,” but not being “smart enough to recognize Superman when he’s in front of them and dressed as Clark Kent.”

Actually, no, I take that back. Everyone else is the worst. That kid’s time for sucking miserably at life will come though — and when it does, it will be brutal. For the rest of these kids, that time is now.

Here are more “poor bastards” getting theirs:

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