From ‘Star Trek’ to Howard Stern: How George Takei Became Host of ‘Takei’s Take’ And A Viral Superstar [INTERVIEW]

This video might be an instant classic — not only does it feature George Takei, one of the hippest stars of Generation Viral (along with a Grumpy Cat and a Rhubarb Lady) but it has him explaining whether it’s “Tah-kai” or “Tah-kay-e.” As he explained to me off-camera, it rhymes with “toupee.” A particularly apt mnemonic device considering George Takei was one of the legendary crewmen on the original voyage of “Star Trek” alongside rug-wearing William Shatner (“Bill” to Takei). George has come a long way since then, and is now a bonafide multi-generational star complete with his own cool catchphrase: “Ohhhh my!” Bonus points if you just read that in his voice.

Now George is taking on YouTube with a vengeance. Piloting his own ship, the channel is called “Takei’s Take” and it’s sponsored by AARP — formerly an initialism (now not even an acronym apparently) for the American Association of Retired People. Well, AARP apparently is looking to use Takei to lure in a younger audience (fantastic and ironic!) by having old man Sulu dish on the modern world and give his take about all things pop culture. “Takei’s Take” is a pretty cool show, and it’s made all the better by having the dapper and charismatic Takei at the helm (these “Star Trek” jokes doing anything for you?). So be sure to tune in, subscribe and enjoy the knowledge from the most regal cat this side of Princess Monster truck.

Oh and ignore the Christmas music on the interview video … it turns out it is possible to lose interviews on your email page for like a month when you subscribe to lots of fetish websites where a woman in an old Victorian shoe squishes mice.

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