Fullscreen To Delete Unlicensed Music Videos From Its Creators’ Channels After Legal Settlement

So apparently the safe harbor of a MCN isn’t quite the guarantee that it used to be …

Fullscreen has agreed to scrub videos containing unlicensed music from its channels after some legal wrangling by the national Music Publishers’ Association. Licensed music — that is, stuff that falls under the scope of major record labels — will be protected by YouTube’s agreement with the record labels, but anything that falls outside of that comes down to the whims of the songwriters. They can choose to be compensated and agree to terms with Fullscreen or they can opt out and have the offending videos removed.

There’s no clear number as to how many videos this is going to disrupt — because of the minor scope of unlicensed music, it probably won’t be too many videos deleted, but still, after the contentious issues between YouTube and gamers, this is another hard pill for creators to swallow.


“As the digital marketplace continues to evolve, music publishing rights must be recognized and built into future business models, and we applaud Fullscreen for working with us to recognize the contribution of songwriters,” NMPA president and CEO David Israelite said.

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