Furious Pete Hints At Network Unrest With FaceBook Post

We at NMR consider Furious Pete a friend. He’s been good to us; he even came down from Canada to be our Featured Rockstar. So you can imagine that we hate to see our friends unhappy, which is why this post he left on his private Facebook page has us baffled.

Screen shot 2014-01-21 at 8.21.41 PM

I can’t imagine that he could be unhappy at Collective Digital (formerly Fullscreen) — after all, they just reached a settlement with the NMPA so that their creators can use NMPA music, they’ve created a special dashboard to help their creators interact with other creators AND they just acquired Viddy. With so much going on over there, you can’t imagine that there would be anything less than smooth sailing. And yet, here we are.

Feel free to draw your own conclusions until Pete fills us in on what the hell is making the champion eater/fitness machine so melancholy.

In the meantime:

Aww, Micro Pig on a Treadmill is Working on His Hamstrings [VIDEO]

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