Governor in Argentina Rightly Lays Off 50 Percent of His Staff Via YouTube Video

Alberto Weretilneck, governor of a region of Argentina called Rio Negro, has just been labelled a “coward” for firing half of his 340 person staff via a Spanish language YouTube video. Outrage has broken out worldwide over the video, which people are seeing as a cold act.

“I decided to decrease the number of public officials by 50 percent,” Weretilneck allegedly says in the video. The remaining 50 percent are going to take a 15 percent pay cut.

And as the news of the video spreads, it seems like only NMR is coming to this man’s defense. Look people, you love technology, you want new media and technology integrated into every aspect of your lives — then when someone takes you at your word, you get pissy. Technology saves time, it conserves resources. Would you rather that this man sat down with each member of the staff he was forced to lay off? He was doing it out of budgetary necessity by the way, it wasn’t like he laid ‘em off to fulfill some sort of large-scale BDSM scenario. 170 people is simply too many people to sit down with and get called a “bastardo despiadado” and listen to them cry and tell sob stories about their sick burro and their many, many hardships. Would people be attacking this man if he sent out impersonal-but-polite pink slips instead? It wouldn’t even make the news; it would just be “another day in the world.”

Señor Weretilneck: NMR has your back. Feel free to come over to our house and play classic XBox — you have to bring your own controller though … and money to chip in for pizza.

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