Grab Your Glowsticks: Base79 Renews YouTube Partnership With Ministry of Sound

Base79 and Ministry will continue to make beautiful music together …

According to Base79, the largest YouTube content provider outside of North America, they’ve re-upped a partnership they began in 2009 with electronic dance music and concert promoter Ministry of Sound. The partnership, while not disclosing terms, does state that “under the deal, Ministry of Sound will continue to benefit from cross-promotion and collaboration opportunities with Base79’s 850 content partners in music, sports and entertainment. With an active audience of more than 35 million subscribers, Base79 will also work with Ministry of Sound to drive views and grow their revenues on the YouTube platform through direct ad sales and branded entertainment opportunities.”


If you’re a fan of EDM, pop over to one of the 16 channels Ministry of Sound puts out through Base79. If you’re not a fan, no worries, there’s a lot more content worth checking out from all over the entertainment scene.

And because there’d be rioting in the streets if NMR didn’t provide a pleasant and inoffensive quote from one of the higher ups involved in the deal, Patrick Walker, chief content officer at Base79 comments: “Ministry of Sound has been a valued partner of ours for four years and continue to be pioneers in this space. Their long term commitment to YouTube and focus on audience development has created a template for dance music labels to follow, and we are privileged to ride shot-gun with them on this journey.” Whew, crisis averted. Tell the mobs to put down their torches and pitchforks and go home.

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