How @ Replaced # As the Coolest Symbol on Twitter, Facebook and Now Tumblr …



It turns out, when it comes to symbols, that the at sign (@) is a lot more potent on social media than the pound sign (#). First used on Twitter in 2006 when Robert Andersen, a freelance designer, posted the symbol to refer to another person in the Twittersphere, the @ then got adopted by Facebook in 2009. And then by LinkedIn and Google+, and now Tumblr. Yes, Tumblr the forward-thinking personal blog site has leaned way back today, to adopt the @ for its own purposes.

Once used just for emails, the @ is now a regular theme of our modern communication tools. It’s just another step towards uniting the planet with a common language that isn’t Esperanto.

Here’s more “internet lingo” for y’all:

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