‘If You’re Not Top Tier They Don’t Care About You’: Plus Model in the Making Shaqita Calls StyleHaul Out [INTERVIEW]

Is your hatred solely towards “StyleMaul”? Or would you ever sign with another MCN?

I don’t want to knock any other MCN because I haven’t dealt with them directly. But I will say I will have better judgement because of this situation.

What are some tips you can offer creators who are currently with them or are thinking of signing with them?

Read your contracts thoroughly … don’t be passive! If it’s NOT written in a legal document it’s not a valid agreement. You are the only one who has your channel’s best interest … at ALL times.

If you are signed with “StyleMaul,” don’t expect any form of channel support as far as collaborations, sponsorships, and/or branding opportunities as long as you’re not one of their leading channels. You can be consistent with uploading videos, creating expectational content, have the best video and audio quality, edit your content flawlessly, be available on-call for opportunities … but if you are not in the top tier they DON’T care about you!

Could it be that you’re just a pain in the ass, or are they really as bad with their clients as you make them out to be in the video?

When you’re persistent and determined to succeed at what you do, some may take that as being pushy, arrogant or as you say, a “pain in the ass.” You have to fight and work hard for what you want. And the people on your team should be doing the same for you! It’s about integrity and they clearly don’t value it.

What have you got upcoming?

Hopefully … A LOT!!! I’m very optimistic for what the future holds and the year has just begun! I’ve accomplished so much in the past year; being named one of YouTube Next Vloggers of 2013, working with various companies/producers for future projects, taking my channel to the next level of creativity, I have a lot to be thankful for. I plan to continue to grow my channel while seeing what other opportunities present themselves.

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