Is Twitter the New Super Bowl Advertising Hub?

Last year Oreo “won” Twitter during the Super Bowl when the cookie company ran a viral promotion on their Twitter page – for free. The tweet, which read “Power out? No problem” also included a promotional piece showing an Oreo cookie in a darkened room with the tagline “You can still dunk in the dark.” It came out 10 minutes into the half-hour long blackout that halted the Super Bowl last year.


So was it a lucky ad? Good timing? Did Oreo cause the blackout as a publicity stunt?

Actually, the digital marketing company for Oreo, 360i, had conspired to do “something” during the Super Bowl last year. Some ad, some promo was to be manufactured based off an event in the game. It just so happened that the power outage became the dominating focus and a quick ad was manufactured by the assembled team. That ad went on to be shared over 15,000 times and resulted in a much-hyped social media coup for Oreo. One that was too effective to not be exploited this year. The questions are: what’s going to be the moment everyone capitalizes on this year? And “Was it a fluke?”

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 5.16.07 PM

In the age where 30 seconds of advertising during the game are going to run you over $4 million, is Twitter the new cost-effective answer? Or does the social media site not have the versatility to pull off truly eye-catching spectacle that can lure us away from the big game? 2014 should be the year that decides this for advertisers – now we’ll see who actually tunes in to watch.

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