John Basedow Nominated For Three IAWTV Awards, Pops Some Culture For NMR [INTERVIEW]

John Basedow has a sort boundless energy that seems largely exclusive to fitness types. You’ve got to have a big personality to stand out in the fitness world and you’ve got to have an equally big (if not bigger) personality to make it in YouTube. John seems to have all the personality required for two YouTubes and a whole boatload of fitness empires.

IAWTV Awards Final

Every time I get the opportunity to catch up with him and his adventures in vlogging, I am inundated with multiple emails from multiple email accounts — all of them from John, none of them from “handlers.” That’s refreshing, actually. Many of the celebrities mainstream and on YouTube that I deal with, I end up talking with a person who patches me into someone who will both facilitate and monitor my interview. With John, I get all of that contact, but only the dynamic media impresario himself. If John sleeps, it is in the seconds between takes on one of his several shows because he seems absolutely limitless in his ability to communicate.

And his hard work and constant pulse is paying off once again because he has now been nominated for three(!) IAWTV awards. Another endearing thing about John is that I don’t have to pry information out of him. I ask and he goes at length. That allows me to keep to short, sweet intros and allow him to do all the heavy lifting (ahh, fitness puns). With the IAWTV awards broadcasting tomorrow night from Las Vegas, all that is left is for me to shut up and let John take over.

First up, how excited are you to be nominated for not one, but three IAWTV awards?

John Basedow: I’m beyond excited to be nominated for three IAWTV Awards. My online web series work is virtually invisible compared to other thing I’ve done, in terms of getting any recognition, so it was a huge surprise when I heard about the three noms. Shocked the hell out of me. I’m very grateful that each is for a different facet of my work. One, “Best Variety Series,” is for “Culture Pop,” my YouTube series where I take to the streets getting people’s opinions on the top entertainment, celebrity and pop culture news. The second is for “Fit Now with Basedow” (“Best Writing”), in which I give fitness, exercise and nutrition tips for people to improve their bodies and lives. The third is for the work I do with Buzz60 Entertainment News (Best News Series) and that’s awesome since they’re one of the first companies to give me a job where I get to keep my shirt on.

If you could only win one which would it be?

I wouldn’t dare to put a choice like that out there in the universe. I’m just happy being nominated and asked to present at the IAWTV Awards. Of course I’d love to win something but the competition is very stiff so any award I get would be a total shock that I’d be extremely grateful for.

How much do you know about your competition? Do you think you have a pretty, um, strong chance?

Lord no, I don’t think I have a “strong” chance. After seeing some of the established and more known shows in my categories, I just said “God Bless” and took a nap.

Do you have an awards show ritual? Any sort of lucky underwear or anything?

To have an awards show ritual would involve having been nominated for other awards. I’ve only won one award since I started getting involved in social media and online video. It’s a Pop Goes The Culture award I got last January for “Pop Culture Icon.” I accepted it, tried to say a few coherent words and then ran off the stage like a bat out of hell before someone realized they made a mistake and asked for it back. So … if by some miracle I win an IAWTV Award I’ll probably head straight to the airport.

What’s coming up for Camp Basedow in 2014?

Trying to make 2014 the year to be seen. I definitely want to grow and expand my “Culture Pop” series (hopefully to TV), continue to help people with “Fitness Made Simple” along with my online fitness work, do more fun TV and radio things with “Covino & Rich” (my brothers from another mother) and grow with Buzz60/Zazoom Video. Their powers that be, Tim Minton, Steve Bradbury and Phil O’Brien, have been great to me and I look forward to conquering new horizons with them. I also want to do more TV and movie work since YouTube opened up a few opportunities there for me as well. Getting asked to act in five movies and do a sketch for Comedy Central were exciting and unexpected happenings this year.


What do you think the biggest, most buzzworthy story of 2013 was?

The twerktastic Miley Cyrus, probably the most polarizing personality this year, tops all shock and awe lists for 2013 in my opinion. Love her or hate her, she got people talking and kicked ass in iTunes sales.

You’re incredibly persistent — how important is that in achieving your goals?

I believe persistence is everything when it comes to success. Everyone has amazing ideas but only a handful of people have the dedication, focus and persistence to turn them into reality. As long as you believe in yourself, stay true to the vision of what you want and don’t quit, you can achieve anything.

Aside from, say, these award nominations, with all your years in showbiz and fitness, what’s the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Yes, these three IAWTV Award noms are definitely cray cray. Other than that, I’d say one of the most memorable things that’s happened to me was when I was first getting known from the “Fitness Made Simple” national TV commercials. I was going down the escalator in Penn Station, New York with my mom and there were a bunch of high school kids looking up from the train area. They all started screaming “John Motherf*ckin Basedow,” singing the “Fitness Made Simple:” song while jumping up and down and doing biceps poses. I looked over at my mom, who’s the type of lady who doesn’t like movies today because of all the cursing, and she said, with a stunned expression, “Oh my God, I can’t believe this … those kids actually know how to pronounce our last name correctly … most of our relatives can’t even get it right … those commercials must really be working.”

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