Machinima & Microsoft Attempt To Explain YouTube XBox One Promotions ‘Scam’

So not many of you “liked” the original article about this (you know who you are), but I thought that in spite of that, for the ones who did (no, no don’t go back and click “like” now — you live with your guilt), we would fill you in on the updates. As you recall, Microsoft and Machinima were caught with their fingers in the proverbial cookie jar and sending out emails and tweets that promised money in exchange for positive endorsements of the XBox One. It was a big hullabaloo (on most sites anyhow) and as such, Machinima and Microsoft have both stepped forward to explain themselves. To their benefit, Machinima apologizes. Microsoft, on the other hand, essentially tosses Machinima under the proverbial cookie jar delivery truck.


From Microsoft:

“This partnership between Machinima and Microsoft was a typical marketing partnership to promote Xbox One in December,” said the joint statement. “The Xbox team does not review any specific content or provide feedback on content. Any confidentiality provisions, terms or other guidelines are standard documents provided by Machinima. For clarity, confidentiality relates to the agreements themselves, not the existence of the promotion.”

From Machinima (via the Wall Street Journal):

According to a Machinima rep, usually the promoters are supposed to self-identify and disclose that they are being paid to promote.

“That didn’t happen here and we’re evaluating why,” Machinima said. “All participants are being asked today to include our standard language going-forward. We apologize for the error and any confusion.”

Well, alright then. We don’t believe a word of any of it, but we can forgive everyone as long as NONE OF YOU ARE EVER CAUGHT DOING THIS AGAIN. Never. Caught. Again.

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