No More ‘Daily Grace’ for YouTuber Grace Helbig, Now Just ‘It’s Grace’ [VIDEO]

So long My Damn Channel and “Daily Grace” … meet: “It’s Grace.”

The new channel for Grace Helbig, who has decided to go it as an independent in this MCN-driven world, “It’s Grace” has recruited an impressive array of friends to pop in with a look of utter surprise at what is to come. From D-trix to iJustine to Ian Hecox to The Brothers Fine to Chester See and just about everybody in-between — yes, even you, Lamarr Wilson, a who’s who of YouTubers pop in to apparently wish Grace well.

While Grace only briefly mentions the My Damn Channel split in her first video release and doesn’t cite how the relationship decided to part, the obvious answer becomes money. Or (gasp) an international human trafficking ring! Wait, no, probably just that first thing.

Screen shot 2014-01-06 at 4.31.16 PM

It will be an interesting experience to be sure: will Grace — one of the most popular YouTubers — be able to thrive without an MCN (much less the name “Daily Grace” which My Damn Channel allegedly maintains control of)? I bet a majority of the same YouTubers who popped in with their good vibes are keenly watching the same thing.

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