Pete Seeger’s Cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Forever Young’ Goes Viral After Seeger’s Death [VIDEO]

This won’t be the most popular opinion I have today, but I think this music video sucks. Pete Seeger’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” is apparently going viral in an ironic way — because Pete Seeger just died. Now I maybe heard the name “Pete Seeger” a handful of times in the previous three decades (maaaaybe a handful — as in less than five), but since the old balladeer kicked the bucket this week at the ripe old age of 94, people are just about flagellating themselves online to remember him. And since this is the only music video he ever made, well, this is what we have to work with apparently.

This video has a handful of things against it already — first, I don’t care for most of Bob Dylan’s stuff EXCEPT when sung by other people. And yet, here, I prefer Dylan’s version. Second, I much rather would have heard Pete Seeger cover “Forever Young” by Alphaville — much better song. Third, these kids singing the chorus look bored as shit doing it. They don’t know who Pete Seeger is and they don’t care; based on his sole music video, nor should they.

Now I’m all for people liking Pete Seeger and remembering him fondly, but this video is a turd and you can’t polish it. Surely there’s got to be something else you bandwagoners can all flock to?

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