Phil DeFranco Offers Up Theory As To Why YouTubers Are Afraid of 4K [VIDEO]

Phil DeFranco has the answer to why YouTubers are afraid of 4K: every little imperfection will become visible. Talking with Lamarr Wilson for Mashable — apparently we’re doing a “Lamarr Wilson interviews people for Mashable and we crib the video two days later” sort of thing lately … but PhillyD correctly surmises that we as a people are also inherently afraid of change. Fortunately for Phil, who demurs when Lamarr asks if he will be buying the cameras for his own show (also that whole retiring from “The Phil DeFranco Show” this year thing might have something to do with it), 4K likely isn’t going to become de rigueur for another couple years.

If at all.

Here’s more 4K-centric talk:

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