Ray William Johnson Explains Why He Will Be Retiring ‘Equals Three’ in 2014 [VIDEO]

On a recent episode of his podcast “Runaway Thoughts,” Ray William Johnson explained why it’s time to stop the “Equals Three” show that has long been his baby: “Like I’m getting to that point where, not only am I burnt out, but I feel like I need to move on. To put it into context, I’ll be 33 in August, and the show — the show is a performance, and it’s like a performance as much as anything is a performance, but it feels way immature.”

Damn. And just like that, Ray William Johnson has outgrown his fans. Clearly it isn’t meant to be a slap in the face, but if you’re as old as Ray or older and you didn’t think the show was immature, well, it might be time to move out of your parent’s basement.

While there’s no set date for RWJ’s last show, when we know, you’ll know.

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