Slomozovo’s Christopher Bingham Joins WheezySoup and Tells NMR All About It [INTERVIEW]

Christopher Bingham is like the poster child for Canada: hardworking, sensible and pleasant. I don’t even think he’s Canadian, but that doesn’t stop me from calling him “Canada’s Most Accomplished Son.” You can do things like that when you work for a magazine that practically has a second life manufacturing ennui.

Who is Christopher Bingham? According to Google, he’s “an American racing driver from Kirkland, Washington. He is a noted sports car driver but also competed in eleven Busch Series events in his career.” So that’s pretty cool.

Okay, that’s some other “Chris Bingham.” In actuality, the real Chris Bingham is now the third leg in the triumverate known as “WheezySoup.” The other two members of course being Wheezywaiter Craig Benzine and GlobalSoup’s Matt Hogan (now you know why it is a triumvirate instead of just a boring-ass trio). Chris, better known as “Bing” or “Slomozovo” to his fans (probably — I’ll be honest, there are a lot of people on this YouTube thing; I can’t know what everyone’s fans are up to …) is a talented … well, however the Canadians say “funny person.”

I wanted to sit down with him though and find out just what makes “Bing” so hardworking and sensible. I realized he was also pleasant only after I subjected him to my obnoxious questions.

Most pressing: Are they going to change the WheezySoup name to reflect your involvement? WheezyBingSoup or something?

Chris Bingham: No, the name will remain the same. I’m not here to assert my own brand; I’m here to help grow an already successful one.

What attracted you to this partnership? Is there something we should know about the dangers of trying to do social media stuff alone in “the year of the horse” (according to the Chinese zodiac)?

You know better than anyone that the landscape is ever-changing, and the trick is trying to understand the directions it takes. 2014 will be like previous years in that respect — bizarre and difficult to traverse. The more devoted, creative minds you have at your disposal, the more successful you’re likely to be. I loved the idea of applying what I know about video and collaboration to the WheezySoup model and being part of an already great team with big ideas.

If I was to write a mildly erotic novel set in 1930’s Russia, would “The Year of The Horse” make a good title?

I’d go with something more like “My Comrade’s Lover,” “Passion For The People,” or “Love and Other Types of Vodka”.

Sorry, got a little off topic there … have you guys (the WheezySoup team) established yourselves as an equal partnership or is it broken down by subscription numbers or what?

The whole amazing team at WheezySoup are valuable for their skills, not their figures. Matt and Craig brought me on because of the experience I have, because just leveraging numbers only gets you so far …

If you suddenly found yourself transformed into a majestic steed, what would be the first thing you would do once you’d established your situation?

I would pray to whatever deity there exists for horses that it turn me back. I’m not really an animal guy, and I have a particular distrust of horses.

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