‘StormTroopers Twerking’ Creators Scott & Brendo Explain Their Creative Process To NMR [INTERVIEW]

Have you ever wanted to see a syncopated Stormtroopers twerking video? These guys apparently have …

YouTube musician/filmmakers Scott and Brendo are going to be a big, big deal soon, I can feel it. I first got turned on to their music through DevinSuperTramp’s “World’s Most Insane Rope Swing” video and bought “Kitten Air” off iTunes — yup, I actually paid for it, that’s how good a song it is. It’s catchy and cool — all their music that I’ve heard so far is — and so I’ve become convinced that they are not only relevant, but slightly ahead of their time and due for big things (or else it means that — gasp — maybe I’m not as cool and cutting edge as I think I am). Of course I have been wrong about people before, but I’ve got a good gut feeling about these guys.

Normally I would reach out and ask all sorts of asinine questions and waste their time, but Scott was good enough to be like, “Here is some interesting information about our ‘Stormtrooper Twerk’ video that is putting up awesome numbers, do what you’d like with it.” Of course, he didn’t exactly phrase it like that, but I tend to take away implied consent from emails (as certain Fullscreen executives will tell you). So here is what Scott had to say to NMR  about the whole production:

This project was something I wanted to do for a while. It just made sense to me and my style of filmmaking, which often combines comedy and music. It was an opportunity to try something new and fresh on the music end, but also incorporate dance which is something I’m really passionate about.

I have a good friend who’s a choreographer, Jason Celaya, and I knew he had to work on it. His background is hip hop. I had to work hard to convince him it would be a cool project; he’s got a busy schedule. But he caught the vision and we went to work. Brenden and I worked very closely with him as we created the song.

(Image sharked from last.fm interview they probably did... check it out over there or whatever...)

(Image sharked from last.fm interview they probably did… check it out over there or whatever…)

The costumes created an interesting obstacle once we discovered how limiting they were on the dancers’ movement. So the choreography was really built around the mobility in the whole getup.

We made the entire video with a very small team. Brenden and I produced the whole thing together. I also usually shoot and direct all of my videos, but I was recently in a car accident and so I was basically directing from a wheelchair, haha. My good friend and cinematographer Derek Pueblo helped bring this piece to life with his fantastic eye and steadicam work. He was definitely instrumental in the whole process.

So there you have it. Lots of informational stuff, none of my typical bullshit. Even if it’s technically not, I’m calling this one an interview. Sometimes you just gotta go with your gut.

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