Surprisely App Takes the Title Out of YouTube Videos, Returns Element of Surprise

Quick – what’s the most annoying thing about showing someone a funny new YouTube video. Okay, yes, the ad. But what’s the second thing? Exactly, the title of the video gives away the juice before you can squeeze the lemon. A video title like “Guy gets hit in dick with fish” is your punch line – why would you also make it the first thing a viewer sees?

Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 5.01.37 PMThe obvious answer is that we’ve all been burned by a lot of crap videos operating under the auspices of ambiguous titles like “You won’t believe what happens next.” Usually that entails us watching something miserable and not in a good way. So yes, while we need quality, streamlined titles to find worthwhile content, we don’t need them when we’re trying to share them with friends and family members. Enter Surprisely – a new app that transforms video of epic hilarity and epic fail into precisely what it’s supposed to be. Created by YouTubers Max Lazarov and David Lewandowski, Surprisely might just be a video troll’s best friend.

With the free service of Surprisely, you enter in the videos URL and everything revealing is stripped from the video – title, view count, playback bar, all of it is gone. All you get is a clickable link for a video that will fill your screen and play in its own time. Is it a 15-second clip of a guy getting hit in the dick with a fish (I really should check to see if a vid like this exists, btw), or is it a four hour long sermon by an Evangelical preacher screaming until his lungs give out and you send him money? Only by clicking the link and experiencing the video for yourself will you know. It’s like Rickrolling to the extreme!

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