Teen Death Results In Mom Trying To End Suicide Blogs on Tumblr

I always get in trouble when I don’t show unbridled remorse after a young person takes their life or dies attempting some foolish trend. You’d think I’d learn to shut up, but I happen to believe in the need for education over censorship.

The mother of 15-year-old Tallulah Wilson is now calling for Tumblr to be punished and censored over their allowance of blogs that discuss suicide after her daughter stepped in front of a train recently. Tallulah was a frequenter of Tumblr and had long-standing issues with depression including cutting.



Though Tallulah’s mom doesn’t go into detail which blogs she wants done away with specifically, there is no shortage of blogs on Tumblr which center on suicide, from peers advocating methods or discussing why they themselves want to die to bully sites which target and harass vulnerable people (young girls in particular) in the quest for “lulz.” Laughter.

The reason stories like this make news though is because they are infrequent. Meaning lots and lots of kids conduct themselves in a healthy reasonable manner on a daily basis. We lose roughly 5,000 young people between the ages of 15-24 every year to suicide. 8,000 people die every year from falling through ice — you don’t see anyone out there trying to ban Mother Nature. I’m not completely heartless, I lost one of my best friends to suicide when we were both 16. I understand that world — and it’s a rare day when I don’t think how much my buddy has missed out on in all these years that have passed since. I know Tumblr seems like the enemy because it is so full of good and bad influences, but, well, that is the world we live in. Good and bad influences are EVERYWHERE. You can paddle against the current in futility, or you can better spend your time actively teaching your kids how to circumnavigate the river’s obstacles.

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