The Eye of the Climber: Guy Fails At Rock Climbing For First Undiscovered Viral Hit of 2014 [VIDEO]

Everybody wants to be a killer whale trainer at SeaWorld until a movie like “Blackfish” comes out. Similarly, everyone thinks they want to write about YouTube videos for a living, but if you could guess how many TERRIBLE videos get watched until a good one with viral potential is found, you’d go back to wanting to be killer whale food. Here is the first undiscovered viral hit of 2014.

As an upcoming viral hit this video has all the requisites for 2014 — short, catchy and funny. We, the YouTube audience, no longer want long videos with three minutes of lead up for a two-second payoff. Nope, now we want exactly what the video promises and only what the video promises.

2014 is going to be an interesting year for YouTube — we’ll see if NMR’s theory holds true.

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