Two Strangers Teamed Up Online To Rob YouTubers, Made Over $56,000

John T. Hoang Jr., a 34-year-old IT specialist had never met 28-year-old Matthew Buchanan when the two teamed up online to rob YouTubers out of more than $56,000. Hoang wrote a hacker malware program after Buchanan supplied him with the requisite information, when the two met up in a forum. Buchanan recruited Hoang with the query “Treasure huntin.’”


Now both men have been caught and plead guilty to assorted charges of computer espionage. The scheme worked by creating a program which identified popular YouTube channels that were not monetizing through ads. They then set up advertising on the channels which paid back to them. Pretty damn clever, if you ask me.

Hoang faces up to five years in prison, but if he’s smart, he should use that time to figure out how to run a much better version of this scam. It’s got legs, that’s for damn sure.

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