UPDATED: Is My Damn Channel Deleting Content From Abandoned ‘Modern Primate’ Channel To Repurpose Brand?

UPDATE (01/22/14 19:52 PST): This is the kind of stuff that makes me feel bad that I get so frothing and “attack dog-like.” Here I assume the worst about an MCN and here they go, showing themselves off to be quite pleasant. From My Damn Channel:

“With Modern Primate dormant since early last year, we decided to bring it back to Chris’ and our original vision of a comedy and satire channel for ‘admittedly geeky yet self-aware men’ in their 20s and 30s. While doing so, we did not delete any videos, but temporarily set some to private on YouTube. We have tremendous respect for Chris and his work, which is why these videos have always remained on MyDamnChannel.com, and they are once again accessible on YouTube as well. While ‘unlisted,’ the videos – including all prior links and video embeds – should live in perpetuity online. We hope that Chris continues to create great content that speaks to his passion about these issues.”

Uh oh, My Damn Channel is on the verge of becoming, well, damned. After complaints have surfaced about their continued addition of content to the abandoned “Daily Grace” channel, now they’re under fire by another of their creators: Modern Primate.

Better known as Chris Menning, Modern Primate’s channel has been dormant since last April when Chris posted a farewell video on it. But as of this week, there have been several troubling changes. For one: new content is showing up on the channel, only it doesn’t involve the original creator (sound familiar?). For another thing, several of the more controversial videos dealing with various topics of feminism have been scrubbed from the Modern Primate channel. It’s almost as if My Damn Channel no longer wants Modern Primate to be associated with gender equality?

According to The Daily Dot, “Only 24 of Menning’s 61 videos—song mashups, filler, and his “Boyfriend’s Guide” series— remain on Modern Primate. His more political videos, however, even including his farewell message, (are) gone.”

The scrubbed content consisted of stuff that perhaps didn’t mesh so well with Modern Primate’s new slogan of “Evolved comedy for men of all genders.” While the old videos are still available at MyDamnChannel.com, there’s something mighty fishy going on that, so far, My Damn Channel has declined to discuss. We’ve reached out to them — we’ll let you know more when we do.

Chris isn’t nearly so static on the subject of his missing videos — he plans to reupload them. Though they are legally the property of My Damn Channel, he can work a loophole by providing commentary on them and terming the videos “fair use.”

Why are high profile people breaking away from My Damn Channel? Granted, it’s easier to build something off an existing foundation than it is to start fresh, but doesn’t the idea of the brand being bigger than the personality fly in the face of everything YouTube used to stand for? How long until YouTube renames itself “UsedTube”?

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