Video Game High School Season 3 Announces Indiegogo Goal of $750,000 [VIDEO]

There are Kickstarter campaigns and then THERE ARE, um, INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGNS! “Video Game High School Season 3” falls solidly into the latter category. Embarking today, after the record-setting second season has concluded, Freddie Wong and Matthew Arnold are back and badder than ever. This time on Indiegogo, looking for an impressive $750,000, they’ve already amassed $154,000 with 29 days still to go. I’d say they’re going to hit their goal, even if I have to break out my mom’s credit card to get them there. Or at least $30 closer.

Why the switch from Kickstarter to Indiegogo? How bout we let Freddie explain:

“We wanted to make the final season of VGHS our biggest season yet, and wanted to have flexibility and reach in terms of potential backers. Indiegogo’s integration with PayPal as well as the ability to run the campaign off our own site made them an obvious choice for the optimal crowd funding platform of this project.”

There are some new surprises in store for the final season of VGHS — including a whole other school, a CGI troll and an orchestral score. Plus, taking a page from “The Simpsons: Tapped Out,” they’ve included community prizes for their stretch goals (stretch goals already being anticipated — so arrogant).

The bottom line is: I can’t wait and I shouldn’t have to. Pull that wallet out of your ass pocket and start dialing in numbers. We’ve got questions that need answering.

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