Will.i.am Signs Deal With Maker To Create Content

If we had some sort of betting pool where we tried to guess the next mainstream star who thought they could make a buck off of YouTube/social media, those of you who picked Will.i.am would be in the money right now.


Signing up to produce channels with MCN powerhouse Maker, the Black Eyed Peas musician is looking to make digital stars out of himself and a few other names that are not as “household.” The channels will be strongly musical in nature, but will also focus on his many other passions including philanthropy, fashion and bombing Irish churches (oh wait, no, not that last one). Some of the creators he has already recruited include an 8-year-old rapper (Baby Kaely), Cody Wise and a runner-up from the U.K. version of “The Voice.”

Looking to capture on what Will likely sees as an exploitable system, he explained his signing with Maker thusly:

“Artists are paying money from their own pockets to make videos, putting them on YouTube, and not being first in line to collect the money generated from advertising. I love the idea of bringing order and being systematic and strategic on YouTube.”

That’s right, signing with a giant MCN will totally work out for you, Will. As the artist, you and not the MCN will be compensated justly.

Ahh, sweet, naive Hollywood folk. Let the fleecing begin.

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