YouTube: Coming Soon To A Car Near You?

Google is apparently taking baby steps towards their purchasing of Planet Earth because although they have the capability of making a self-driving car (sigh, yes, I saw “The Internship”), for now they’re only sticking their baby toe into the mass consumer automobile market. But as far as baby toes go, Google’s is a doozy. Pairing up with the likes of GM, Hyundai, Honda and Audi to form the Open Auto Alliance, Google is looking to put Android technology in all major models of these brands of cars in the very near future.


While the deal is still early on and specific apps haven’t been named, it’s likely that social media savvy stuff like Google+ and Gmail will be along for the ride.

“The OAA is dedicated to a common platform that will drive innovation, and make technology in the car safer and more intuitive for everyone,” the group said in a statement. Yet, they say that and all I see is, “Enslave all humans; harness their energy for mulch; turn the more attractive humans into rugs.”

Sigh, well at least I hope I get to drive a YouTube-brand convertible before I am skinned and laid out tastefully in front of a digital fireplace.

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