YouTube & Dreamworks Animation Team Up For Daily Online Trend Show

Looks like YouTube proper is getting into the Ray William Johnson game …

YouTube is breaking its own fourth wall in teaming up with Dreamworks Animation to create a daily series in the style of RWJ’s “Equals Three” show.


The show will be the first of its kind for Dreamworks Animation, who are known for more high profile film concepts like “Shrek” and “Shark Tale.” YouTube, on the other hand, has mined this pop culture niche before, attempting an unsuccessful show called “Poptub” back in 2008 (hmm, maybe they should have gone with CornBath instead …).

The new series, set to debut before the end of January, will be called YouTube Nation, and though it won’t have quite the comedy bent of “Equals Three,” it will be a daily show — which will likely be a tremendous strain on the poor Dreamworks animators’ wrists.


Okay, so just because it is getting produced by Dreamworks Animations doesn’t mean it will actually be animated, I am disappointed to report. Good for the animators, bad for the rest of us.

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