YouTube Video Gets A Pot Dealer Arrested [VIDEO]

William Bradley, 46, a Connecticut man is in jail tonight after a YouTube video he posted brought him down. The video, showing Bradley touring his marijuana garden, kicked off a six-month surveillance investigation which lead to a storage bin full of weed, coke and cash. Actually, it wasn’t really a whole bunch of any of those things … and here’s the kicker: Bradley says he’s got terminal cancer and has been raising donations so he could donate his weed to others who are suffering.

Man, this is like one of those really tough moral dilemmas — usually I enjoy calling these people boneheads and fools … but this is like the Bob Cratchit of stoners. If I talk ill of him, three ghosts will visit me in the night and I’ll end up buying a fine, plump goose tomorrow … hmm, or maybe I shouldn’t judge him because I am a customer of his?

Here are some other people who have used social media to get themselves arrested:

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