YouTubers — Is This You? Songversations With Jennifer Has A Pet Peeve

YouTube star Jennifer Chung who runs art/music/beauty/style page Songversations with Jennifer has a pet peeve. It’s not a huge one, it’s actually kind of adorable, but maybe it’s because she’s pretty adorable herself. If I had this pet peeve, people would probably be like, “Quit whining, ugly.” But the real test is how the rest of you actual YouTubers feel: do you hate when people do or don’t recognize you in public?

Screen shot 2014-01-10 at 5.43.12 PM

Jennifer’s pet peeve stems out of people offering up those awkward/phony apologies, like, “I’m sorry I don’t recognize you (not really).” On behalf of people who frequently offer these phony apologies (of which I am one) I have to confirm that, yes, Jennifer, we don’t “mean it.” What we are apologizing for is that you have worked hard to put yourself out there and it isn’t enough, for whatever reason, to crack our bubble. And so the politest thing we can think of in that moment is: “I’m sorry.” It’s the same as if we said, “Whoops-a-daisy, work harder.” It isn’t meant to be mean, but it isn’t exactly us throwing ourselves at your mercy. We just don’t quite have the guts to say what we really think.

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