AIDS Deniers Fighting To Get Scientist’s YouTube Account Shut Down — And They Might Win

So the copyright system on YouTube still has a few kinks to be worked out …

Myles Power, a scientist working in the vein of making YouTube videos, is in danger of losing his account over “copyright infringement.” Powers used footage from a controversial documentary “House of Numbers,” a film that allegedly makes assertions that the AIDS crisis is manufactured by big pharma to sell worthless medication. And now someone from that documentary is “gaming the system” to punish Power.

An author, Liam Scheff, as well as one of the film’s producers, Martin Penny, have hit Power with several DMCAs over the footage, which he used as the basis of his argument in condemning the assertions made in “House of Numbers.” And though “House of Numbers” apparently encourages AIDS sufferers to get off the medication that is helping to keep them alive, Power is the one in trouble with YouTube. He has until Feb. 18 to refute the copyright claims made against him or his account will be terminated.

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Power put out a blog release on his website, documenting the irony of being hit with slander charges by a person that makes ad hominem attacks. And considering that there are unlicensed YouTube accounts that contain full copies of the documentary, as opposed to the snippets Power uses to build his case, it’s clear that YouTube needs to rework their process for dealing with copyright. Otherwise, they come across looking like the “free muscle” for a bunch of extremists with a potentially dangerous agenda.

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