Animated YouTube Channel ‘Simon’s Cat’ Signs With MCN Frederator

Simon Tofield, creator of “Simon’s Cat” the awesomely popular YouTube cartoon series, has just signed a deal with the Frederator network to handle advertising and distribution.

The animated British channel about a cat just trying to get fed, has over 2.8 million subscribers and 470 million views, so you might not think it needs any help. In connecting with the network run by Fred Seibert though, Tofield is connecting with a 130 other channels which can open up a lot of opportunity for cross promotion and added exposure. Frederator’s channels have accumulated over a billion views and average 30 million views a month.

“Fred Seibert and his team have been able to curate some of the most exciting animation creators in the world right now, and it is an honor to appear alongside them,” Tofield said in a released statement.

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Seibert was equally thrilled to acquire such a hot show with seemingly unlimited potential: “We are honored to work with the phenomenal talents behind Simon’s Cat, who are truly proof of the fact that the Internet has ushered in a new golden age of animation.”

It seems that once you reach a level like “Simon’s Cat” has, the only way to continue your trajectory is to sign with an established MCN to increase your reach.

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