Are Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Getting Tired? ‘#SochiFail: Wolf In My Hall’ Causes Backlash Instead Of Laughs

“#SochiFail: Wolf in My Hall,” depicted Olympic contender Kate Hansen filming a wolf wandering the hallways of her hotel in Sochi. It was particularly believable because reports have been surfacing of feral dogs wandering Russia in dire need of disposing. Alas, the wolf was not feral after all, but a Jimmy Kimmel-engineered prank that Hansen was in on the whole time. And now the same media that bought into the video have turned rapidly against it. And Kimmel.

With the backlash forming over this latest Jimmy Kimmel prank Jimmy Kimmel is suddenly attracting a comment he’s never heard before — “borderline annoying.” Kimmel has long run the YouTube viral circuit with his numerous videos of hilarity including this one of a twerking girl being set on fire.

See, it might seem good to show off how easy it is to trick us simple folk, but after a while, we get tired of it. Well, those other people get tired of it … I rather like the concept of the system being gamed — it forces everyone to work a little harder to create engaging content. It might not seem like it now, but eventually we will thank Jimmy Kimmel for liberating us from the banality of simple videos. Imagine the glorious future of YouTube in which complex philosophical videos are displayed and roundly debated over legalized medicinal cocaine. T’will be a merry future indeed.

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