Base79 Snags A Major Partnership With Jim Henson Company for YouTube Releases

As more and more mainstream companies realize the validity of the YouTube/online video space, hot commodities are going to be snatched up left and right by existing media companies. Point of reference: the Jim Henson Company, home to such innovative content creations as Sid the Science Kid, “Fraggle Rock,” the Muppets and Pajanimals, plus a whole bunch more, has chosen Base79 for a partnership to handle their online viability.

Apparently these are "Pajanimals."

Apparently these are “Pajanimals.”

Base79, the largest international MCN, is home to such international creators as Remi Gaillard, Jamal Edwards, Patricia Bright and ElRubius. Interestingly, the press release specifically excludes the Muppets in their mention of the properties that Base79 will be handling, so at this time, it is not clear if Kermit and the gang are part of the deal, or if Disney has those rights firmly on lockdown. Still, Fraggles are the poor man’s Muppets, so that’s pretty cool.


“The Jim Henson Company has been a key part of the fabric of family entertainment for over 50 years, helping to define high quality innovative family programming with global appeal,” said Ben Lister, chief operating officer at Base79 USA. “We are very excited and honored to be able to help The Jim Henson Company establish their business on YouTube.”

In addition to a wealth of established content to be released, expect new stuff from the innovative puppet studios in the near future.

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