Because You Don’t Have Enough P*nis in Your Life, We Present ‘365 Days of P*nises’ [VIDEO]

Today, NMR highlights a masterpiece of YouTube art. It actually belongs on Vimeo, it’s so singularly virtuosic. In his titular work “365 Days of P*nises,” YouTube creator 365 Days of P*nises presents 365 pieces of drawn artwork, one done each day since February 13, 2013, incorporating  male genitalia. Viewers are treated to unique interpretations of cat and dog p*nises, a mummy p*nis, a bacon p*nis, a stripper p*nis, and also phallic renditions of iconic photos and paintings, and many, many more p*nises.

According the artist, “365 Days of P*nises” was accomplished with only four Dry Erase markers and his wife’s whiteboard. It’s a brilliant debut from a brilliant artist, and hopefully it won’t always be his lone video. A toast to you, 365 Days of P*nis — may there be many more p*nises to come.

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